Grand Gelato

Grand Gelato

Introducing Grand Gelato brand

Grand Gelato -ice cream blends with prebiotics are absolute novelty in Poland . High quality ingredients, and carefully selected additives guarantee not only incredible taste, but also exceptionally subtle, creamy texture. This brand has been designed for customers , who especially appreciate unique quality and health-promoting properties. The simplicity of the composition is based on the carefully selected ingredients. Grand Gelato ice cream powder is suitable for use in all types of ice cream machines with the optimal addition of water.

Grand Gelato ice cream and ice cream base with prebiotics are dedicated for customers, who especially appreciate unique quality and pro-health properties. This is a blend of milk powder, coconut fat, and carefully selected natural ingredients, enriched with unique, health supporting, prebiotic complex.-our patented oligosaccharides composition that guarantees positive influence on immunity.

Grand Gelato is a product awarded and appreciated for its properties and innovative formula, “Industry Excellence Awards 2021 (Gulfood Manufacturing Dubai)”, “Sial Innovation Selection 2021 (SIAL Abu Dhabi)”.

What are the advantages of Grand Gelato?

original, unique composition
light, creamy texture and excellent taste
the highest quality natural ingredients
an innovative prebiotic blend
simple and quick to prepare
a wide range of flavorus
perfect for any ice cream machine
high, comprehensive nutritional values
contain vitamins: A, D, E, K and B
rich in microelements: calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, potassium.